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OSCON 2008 occurred from July 21st to 25th 2008 in Portland, Oregon. This page documents women's participation in the conference, which was quite high relative to previous OSCONs.


Audrey Eschright, Sulamita Garcia, and Selena Deckelmann were on the "Tools for local communities" panel

Full list here.

  • Zaheda Bhorat - "Open Source and Standards" also a BOF on protecting open data
  • Silona Bonewald - "Art of Community Lightning Talks"
  • Danese Cooper - "Art of Community Lightning Talks", "Changing Education... Open Content, Open Hardware, Open Curricula", "Open Source / Open World", "Why Whinging Doesn't Work"
  • Selena Deckelmann - "People for Geeks" tutorial, "Running a successful user group", "Tools for local communities"
  • Audrey Eschright - "Tools for local communities"
  • Sara Ford - "Toward a Stronger Open Source Ecosystem"
  • Dawn Foster - "Art of Community Lightning Talks"
  • Elizabeth Garbee - "An Introduction to Open Source Animation"
  • Sulamita Garcia - "Tools for Local Communities"
  • Leslie Hawthorn - "The Google Open Source Update"
  • Emma Jane Hogbin - "Form an Orderly Queue, Ladies"
  • Bobbi Kurshan - "Changing Education... Open Content, Open Hardware, Open Curricula"
  • Jennifer Minor - "Handwave to Hardware: A Product Story Bit by Bit"
  • Dawn Nafus - "Three Challenges"
  • Nnenna Nwakanma - "Art of Community Lightning Talks", "Open Source / Open World"
  • Akkana Peck - "GIMP Demystified"
  • Stormy Peters - "OSS Census: Make Open Source Count!"
  • Christine Peterson - "Open Source Physical Security: Can We Have Both Privacy and Safety?"
  • Allison Randal (program chair) - "Welcome"
  • Gabrielle Roth - "Running a Successful User Group"
  • Karen Sandler - "Organizing & Collecting Donations the Right Way: Corporate Structure for FOSS Projects"
  • Alolita Sharma - "Open Source / Open World"
  • Skud - "People for Geeks" tutorial
  • Laura Thomson - "Write Beautiful Code (in PHP)"
  • Beth Tibbitts - "Eclipse and the Parallel Tools Platform"
  • Pia Waugh - "Heroes: Women in FOSS", "The Australian Open Source Industry & Community Census Report"
  • Elaine Wherry - "Code is Easy, People are Hard: Developing Meebo’s Interview Process"

Proportion of women speakers: 26/311 or 8.36%


Proportion of women attendees: ??? (Can we get this from O'Reilly?)

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