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Female speakers

  • Kristen Accardi, "Everything I Needed to Know to be a Successful Linux Kernel Developer I Learned in Kindergarten"
  • Mitchell Baker, "Mozilla Firefox and the Internet as an Open Platform"
  • Christy Canida, "Open Source Hardware"
  • Danese Cooper, "Who Gets to Decide What Open Source Means?", "Art of Community"
  • Dawn Foster, "Art of Community"
  • Victoria Gromova, "New Parallel Programming Tools for a Multicore World"
  • Leslie Hawthorn, "A Year of Open Source at Google"
  • Amy Hoy, "Hello? Is There a User in the House?", "Prototype and Object.prototype: JavaScript Power Tools", "When Interface Design Attacks!"
  • Denise Kalos, "Leveraging Developer Networks as a Competitive Weapon"
  • Dru Lavigne, "Applying Open Source Methodology to IT Examinations"
  • Penny Leach, "Mahara: Putting Thought into ePortfolios"
  • Rachel Madsen, "Exploiting Multicore Capabilities from Python"
  • Emma McGrattan, "Databases Don't Matter"
  • Stormy Peters, "Open Source Data … It’s Changing Your Life"
  • Lisa Phillips, "Change Your Car's Tires at 100 mph", "Keeping Your Workers In Line: Use TheSchwartz"
  • Nandini Ramani, "RIA Platforms and Open Source"
  • Laura Thomson, "PHP and MySQL Best Practices"
  • Beth Tibbitts, "The Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform"
  • Brenda Wallace, "PHP Add-ons for Fun and Profit"
  • Mimi Yin, "Open Design, Not by Committee"

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