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Women who presented at ETech in 2009 included:

  • Ashwini Asokan - From Anywhere and Anytime – To Here and Now: Imagining the Future of Technology in Culturally Relevant Local Contexts
  • Maribeth Back - High-Tech Chocolate: Reinventing the Path from Pod to Palate
  • Shelley Batts - Hearing the Light: New Technologies for Restoring Hearing via Regeneration and Implants
  • Sharon Biggar - Sense and Sensibilities: What Happens When You Can Measure Our Offline Reality Like You Can the Online World?
  • Leah Buechley - High-Low Tech: Democratizing Engineering and Design; LilyPad Electronic Fashion
  • Colleen Crary - IEEE-Tech: Redefining Standards for Emerging Technologies
  • Maia Garau - Holistic Service Prototyping: Sketching Hardware and Software
  • Elizabeth Goodman - Designing for Urban Green Space
  • Raven Hanna - Science Through Art
  • Kate Hartman - Wireless Wearables and the Lilypad XBee
  • Liz Henry - DIY for PWD: Do It Yourself for People with Disabilities
  • Christine Herron - FreeTech
  • Christa Hockensmith - Jackhammers, Polymers, and Diamonds: New Applications in Explosives
  • Mary Lou Jepsen - Low-Cost, Low-Power Computing
  • Lisa Katayama - Japanese Tech Culture: Demystifying "Weird" Japanese Toys and Tools
  • Zoë Keating - Using a 17th Century Instrument to Create the Music of the 21st Century
  • Kati London - How the Magic Circle Transforms the Commons: Games, Communities, and Civic Participation; Submersible Design
  • Jennifer Lynch - Building a New Biology
  • Rebecca MacKinnon - Freedom and Control: Lessons from China for the World
  • Jennifer Magnolfi - Building the Programmable Environment: Co-Design and Physical/Digital Space Making
  • Jane McGonigal - Superstruct: How to Invent the Future by Playing a Game; The End of Free Space
  • Maureen McHugh - Technology Uses Us: Humans as an Ecological Niche
  • Britta Riley - Submersible Design
  • Reshma Shetty - Real Hackers Program DNA
  • Molly Steenson - Shared and Sometimes Stealthy: Urban India's Mobile Phone; Steampunk Infrastructure, 21st Century Uses
  • Cherie Ve Ard - Tales from Technomadia
  • Rose White - Collaborative Play: Improving the World by Making Fun Stuff with Smart People
  • Fumi Yamazaki - Japanese Tech Culture: Demystifying "Weird" Japanese Toys and Tools

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