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Flashbelt Slide Show comments

Hi Darkonc,

I moved your comments on the Flashbelt slide show article to that article's talk page, since that's the appropriate place for discussion of the article. In particular, the Flashbelt article itself probably isn't the right place to discuss the differences between sexism and misogyny -- those are best handled on separate pages so as to not clutter other articles. =)

If you wanted to formulate a reasoned argument as to why you think that Hoss' presentation was dismissive of women's interests, yet still not misogynist, that might be appropriate for the "Was Hoss sexist? misogynist?" section of the article. Too, you're welcome to add a section along the lines of "Arguments that the talk was sexist, but not misogynist" -- you definitely don't have to argue both if that's not your position.

Thanks! RickScott 23:27, August 25, 2012 (UTC)