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From: the Geek Feminism wiki administrators

Thanks for adding categories

Hi! I see you've been on a category-adding spree -- thanks!

I've reverted a few of them because the categories don't exactly fit. For example, you added Category:Excuses for sexist incidents to SmellyWerewolf incident even though SmellyWerewolf isn't an excuse. That category is more usually used for pages like You're too sensitive, which are actually used as excuses, rather than for pages about incidents which mention excuses made in the text of the article. You can see my other reversions in Special:RecentChanges.

I also started a discussion at Category_talk:Sexual harassment about the new category you created for sexual harassment. I'm not sure that sexual harassment vs non-sexual harassment is a very useful distinction to make on the GF wiki, but it probably warrants discussion. Personally I'd like us to categorise harassment by where it occurs, as it would be quite useful to be able to point people to examples of harassment in different kinds of venues ("yes, you do need an anti-harassment policy, because harassment happens all the time at events like yours.")

Please stick around and keep editing :) You might want to create an account and sign in so we know you as something other than a number, too.

--Skud (talk) 23:13, February 16, 2015 (UTC)

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