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I guess that maybe there’s something that I misunderstand, but for a while I’ve had this perception that feminists are hostile to large breasts, specifically in the media. I suppose that large‐breasted women would find combat more uncomfortable than others, especially when they’re given very little wear (which is unfortunately typical in games), so… perhaps it looks awkward and ridiculous? I’m afraid to have any certainty, though.

There was a study published on‐line that revealed that more sexist men preferred larger breasts. (I can provide a link, if necessary.) The implication was, I think, that we associate large breasts with debility. I suppose that this is comprehensible; I’ve never seen a muscular person who also possessed fat breasts, but this association doesn’t fit well with the buxom warrior trope. Do sexist men typically prefer muscular or belligerent women? I doubt it. But perhaps there’re sexist attitudes that still conflict with each other.

One last thing: is it preferable that that we encourage somebody to shrink her breasts, or accept them? Many of the problems could be amended if we taught men to be more respectful, but I’ve heard that breasts can be painful in any case, so should we treat large breasts as a physical defect?

If anybody would like to answer my enquiries, or direct me to something that (or somebody who) can, I would appreciate it.