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A Sex Difference
When men in Congress come to blows
at something someone said,
I always notice that it shows
their blood is quick and red;
But if two women disagree,
with very little noise,
It proves, and this seems strange to me,
that women have no poise.

-- Alice Duer Miller, 1915

The Warning
No, it isn't home neglecting
If you spend your time selecting
Seven blouses and a jacket and a hat;
Or to give your day to paying
Needless visits, or to playing
Auction bridge. What critic could object to that?
But to spend two precious hours
At a lecture! Oh, my powers,
The home is all a woman needs to learn.
And an hour, or a quarter,
Spent in voting! Why, my daughter,
You could not find your home on your return.
Male Philosophy
Men are very brave, you know,
That was settled long ago;
Ask, however, if you doubt it,
Any man you meet about it;
He will say, I think, like me,
Men are brave as they can be.
Women think they're brave, you say?
Do they really? Well, they may,
But such biased attestation
Is not worth consideration,
For a legal judgment shelves
What they say about themselves.


I am a 20+ lady from a Nordic country. I'm a geek, a fujo, and a feminist.

Things I geek about

  • Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons
  • MLP:FiM
  • anime
  • language (especially etymology)
  • animal colour genetics
  • fanfiction and fanart
  • plants and fungi, taxonomy thereof
  • online amateur erotica
  • Skyrim and Final Fantasy XII plus a number of smaller games
  • Linley's Dungeon Crawl (yes I have), Dwarf Fortress
Favourite webcomics

SBMC, xkcd, Oglaf, Teahouse.

Links I often need

New pages by me

  • note to self: Meta:Brainstorm, Calling it "rape", He didn't mean to, His judgement was impaired, You just want attention, All allies are white knights, Not here to solve sexism (implying that discussion on feminism is useless and that dwelling on its topics makes people not committed to the main cause), Including women is creepy, No more sexist than, I didn't make it, Don't showcase, Shut up or, But we're friends, You're being immature, You're the only one
  • Play nice
  • "Hey, I'm just asking you a question. You don't have to be so rude." -> doesn't get the hints; women are obligated to communicate in ways men understand (rather than both ways around, or the opposite);

Bingo checklists

Sexism in games
False equivalence (super buff men "sexualised") Not for women Fake geek girl, Attention whore* Appeal to nonrealism ("...not realistic for a woman to be fighting anyway.") You're the sexist ("you’re saying they can’t be both sexy AND tough")
"But they call her a ‘bitch’ because they’re the bad guys." This is boring ("I’m just here for the review scores.") I'm a feminist but [women] are inherently too nurturing and responsible to play video games. Trying to score Appeal to exceptions "there are nonsexualised female characters, like…"
Appeal to exceptions "there are sexualised male characters, like…" Men want to WATCH desirable women and women want to BE desirable women, so no-one wants sexy male characters except gay guys.
Men are just like that, Beauty duty, Women want to be sexy, Only gay guys like sexy guys
Get back in the kitchen Bigger issues exist You hate women "So you think all female characters should be ugly and dress in burqas."
Also make You hate men
Beauty duty, Geek women don't exist*, Substitute for womanly things, BWW privilege Look at this thing that's good (Let's focus on the worthwhile parts?) I'm a woman but Women have already won, feminists have a new agenda You should have known*, You're too sensitive
Appeal to real history (fiction) Assumed invitation ("female name in your tag or speak with a female voice" Sex sells Men are oppressed too -> I've been hurt too and Oppression Olympics are not this, is Patriarchy hurts men too? Just a game
Women in media
Not for women You're just jealous b/c you don't look like that "You want comics to be full of fat ugly chicks?" You don't have to read it Free speech
High heels are reasonable She doesn't need a bra It's her culture Girls wear skirts It suits her personality
No one wants realism in comics Appeal to real life
"Rape happens in IRL too"
False equivalence
"Men are drawn unrealistically too!"
Biology is to blame "Women just don't get comics" -> Women don't/can't understand + it's inherently a part of comics
Make your own Bigger issues exist Fanboy entitlement... "from women!" Women's own fault (for not being good enough to be comic artists, game devs, etc) Women aren't interested
Sexism is a genre convention What, me misogynist?! I asked a woman and she said it wasn't sexist False equivalence II (Women in refrigerators) You fight a lost war (it'll never change)
Rape apologia
"False rape accusations happen too!" Her fault for drinking How can you know? Were you there? "It was a joke" "These boys have a bright future"
"So if I was drunk, she raped me?" Her fault for being sexually active "Not blaming the victim", Just saying that... DNA doesn't prove guilt Boys will be boys
She actually wanted it Women are too sexy (today) -- Melissa MarcEwan is anti-Catholic
DNA will prove innocence
Women are too hard to understand You need to get laid "False rape accusation plus crooked attorney once happened" You're over-reacting (Why should you be angry?) He-said-she-said
Her fault for dressing that way Feminists hate sex Why did she $ACT if she didn't want sex? "False rape accusation once happened" "We'll need a notarized form for touching..."
Concern troll
Women in other countries are way more oppressed Your anger is so unnecessary You make women look bad It’s your TONE that’s the problem What about teh menz?!!!!
I have women friends, so I know about these things Black friend excuse? You’re so mean! You just don’t like dissent!!! [also, the phrase echo chamber] You sound no better than the misogynists! If you don’t like it, why don’t you just not buy it/ ignore it?
I’m a feminist, but you people are just too extreme. Why am I being ignored? Don’t you have something more important to worry about? If you were just nicer about it… Calling people sexist is as bad as being sexist
What about [completely unrelated topic]? But I’m an ALLY!!! I read a book about it in college. I know more about it than you. Just sayin’… People like you are why people hate women/ feminists
I just don’t understand the fuss about this… You’re just not thinking RATIONALLY You’re hurting your movement Why should I read the rest of the blog? This post is sufficient. This much anger isn’t healthy. Have you considered therapy?
Lighten Up Already
There’s way more important things to worry about and I get to define them for you Why do you want to ruin his career? I don’t get sexism so it doesn’t exist It was a joke! Lighten up! She should take it as a compliment
You’re reading way too much into it It’s only a cardboard cut-out He didn’t mean it as sexism so it isn’t You have no sense of humour I know a woman who didn’t find it sexist so it can’t be sexist
You belittle real sexism when you get upset over something like this You probably do the same stuff yourself when no one is looking x There’s such a thing as free speech so you have no right to get upset over anything I did the same kind of thing once to a guy so it’s OK if I do it to women all the time
She liked it But she is a bitch so there’s nothing wrong with treating her like a bitch Calm down Zzzzzzzzzzz Nonstarter
(i.e. too hopeless a project to even begin)
This much anger isn’t healthy. Have you considered therapy?
You’re being a prude He’s only a speechwriter — his actions have no effect on policy He’s the head speechwriter — he’s too important to be held accountable for his actions Yes, it was awful, BUT… Get over it!
Political groups
Feminism is a distraction from the real issues I read a book on feminism/ spoke to a feminist once and she says you’ve got it all wrong! There is no patriarchy, there’s just capitalism OK, but men are just as oppressed by patriarchy as women. OK, but it’s only ruling class men who have male privilege.
I’m not sexist, I went on the Reclaim the Night march! Feminism is a bourgeois/ liberal movement for middle class women. I did the washing up {yesterday/ last week/ once} – so you can’t say it’s always left to women. Feminism divides our movement! Sexism won’t be a problem after the revolution.
If you go round complaining about sexism, you’ll discredit the movement. Feminists have to realise that class struggle comes first Well, we’re not perfect, but at least we’re not as sexist as {insert rival leftist group} Middle square: FREE SPACE! There’s no sexism in our movement! Sort out your personal problems with your male comrades, and concentrate on the real sexism out there.
[Refers to women as girls or calls them “love”, and when challenged excuses it as “just the way us working class people talk”] I have total sympathy with feminists, but their issues don’t belong in our political meetings/ forums. We don’t need a special meeting on feminism because nobody here is sexist. I don’t need to attend the meeting on feminism because I’m not sexist That $FEMINIST is a wonderfully feisty and fiery comrade!
$FEMINIST is temperamental and over-sensitive. That wasn’t a sexist comment, it was a personal observation! I really admire the $SUFFRAGETTES. Why can’t you be more like them? Let’s not descend into identity politics! There are no men and women here – we’re all just ‘comrades’!
Sexist joke apologia
sorry, but I found it funny oversensitive much? take it as a compliment wasn’t even sexual he’s not used to women
so cute when you’re angry actually at men’s expense heard a woman tell it once edgy satire of our PC society you heard it out of context
your complaint is what’s sexist you seem very uptight about sex FREE SQUARE wasn't meant that way thought police
my wife thought it was hilarious works when I'm with friends just his way I'm offended by your complaint you’d tell it about a man
attracted attention to his message you enjoy being offended absolutely no sense of humour I found it funny and I'm a woman acceptable on TV
Master class in sexual entitlement
But I like my women feminine. Feminists have got it all wrong. I’m an equalist. Women are just naturally better at that sort of thing. It’s your job to teach me about feminism. Now do it. Patriarchy hurts men too.
You just don’t like sex, so you want to spoil it for everyone else. Sexual assault is rare. You’re just paranoid. She gave it away plenty of times before. We gave you the vote, now shut up. If you want to be treated like a lady, you’d better start acting like one.
Women just can’t be objective about gender issues.
[[Feminism isn't sexy|You’ll never get laid with that attitude. Can’t you take a joke? You give feminists a bad name. I’m just an old-fashioned gentleman.
You’re so sexy when you’re angry. Is it that time of the month? You’ve just got a victim mentality. All you feminists need is a good deep-dicking. You’re being silly and overemotional.
Women have all the power over men- you can reduce us to an uncontrollable jelly of lust! You feminists all hate men! I’m a nice guy(tm), why don’t I get any? I’ll tell you what’s wrong with feminism… But I want to talk about this. Listen to me!
More men than women died on the Titanic! I’d love it if a babe forced herself on me sexually Men do all the dirty, dangerous jobs. The Courts are all biased towards women. But men don’t get to wear skirts!
Rape just ain’t what it used to be. …hysterical… Hard-working men built this country, and the internets too. You women ought to thank us. Things are changing, gradually. The world will explode if it changed as fast as you feminists want. All this talk about rape culture stops women being responsible for themselves.
A male’s purpose in life is to spread his seed. What use is it to me to care about other people’s issues? “You should …” spend your time on more important causes. Some feminist somewhere, once upon a time, hurt my feelings, and that’s the most important thing.
I know, it’s bad, but I’m too old to change. I got abused for opening a door for a lady. Why isn’t there a Men’s Studies class? …feminist echo chamber If anything, we live in a matriarchy.
Feminists oppress white men. Women should provide men’s shelters! I have a friend who is a woman and she thinks you are wrong. I mow the lawn and fix things, so it’s fair. You’re fat and your husband’s a pussy!
Empty bingo checklist
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