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Ubuntu Women is a group within the Ubuntu project for women and their allies. The first portions of the project began with an IRC channel and a place on the Ubuntu Forums in the summer of 2005. The project was officially recognized as an Ubuntu project with an Ubuntu mailing list and website in 2006 when Vid Ayer worked to get the project approved by the Ubuntu Community Council.

The project invests time in a variety of initiatives within the Ubuntu community, including Mentoring, a regular column in Full Circle Magazine and various Competitions to encourage women in Ubuntu.

For a long time the project was without a formal leadership structure. In January 2010 Amber Graner was appointed by the Ubuntu Community Council to lead the project for six months. Today the project is led by a trio of leaders elected annually, details here .

About half of the women who attended UDS Lucid: Back: Surbhi Palande, Elizabeth Krumbach, Laura Czajkowski, Ursula Junque, Ara Pulido, Amber Graner; Front: Marianna, Maria, Claire Newman, Mackenzie Morgan, Jane Silber

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