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Tropes vs. Men in Videogames, "an analysis of male roles and misandry present in modern video game media", was a fraudulent crowd-funded proposal created to mock Feminist Frequency's "Tropes vs. Women in Videogames” as part of the Feminist Frequency Kickstarter backlash. It was initially promised that any money donated to the project would be divided between three men’s charities.

After the project just barely cleared its goal, the leaders wrote only a few project updates before falling silent altogether. No video content has been produced and no details have been disclosed to indicate any real work was being done on the project (such as hiring a narrator or editor). Indiegogo put the project under investigation and eventually deleted their page altogether nine months later. They did post scans of letters supposedly confirming the donations, but when the charities were asked for confirmation, the one that responded claimed they received no such donation:

"Piqued by the recent disappearance of the campaign and knowing full well the habit of some Tropes vs. Women detractors to photoshop materials to suit their needs, I contacted the charities to check the veracity of these claims. As of publishing I have heard back from only one of the charities, the Prostate Cancer Foundation, who informed me that a donation of that amount on that date does not exist in their system. To be fully sure they would need the affiliation that the donations were made through, at which I can only guess, but the representative seemed confident that the claims were fake and suggested their attorney would send a cease and desist to the people involved." — article about the project's fraud.

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