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Physical violence incident claims[]

On April 2, 2017 nick thomascovenant wrote:

Shared on gist, #debian-fi:

part, Teemu Hukkanen, I wanted to tell you that I am pressing charges against you for assaulting me
in Haarlem, on NY eve, 31.12.2016. Unfortunately you've blocked me, so I must do it publicly like this. Assault here stands for hurting and strangling me several times till I couldn't breathe. I didn't fight back, I did not see it coming. Going to emergency room was a horrible experience.

You do not deny it, and I have given you three months to say you are sorry and start therapy.
During this time I did not press charges or disclose this information publicly. Not once you've
asked me how I was, if my throat and bruises healed.

After many months there has been no remorse. You told me this behavior is ok, and you do not care.
If anyone (including nick part) doesn't want to treat other members of the community with respect
and dignity, they should be told to own their behaviour or leave. Violence is just not ok.


Hukkanen, who often uses the handle "part", is a longtime member of Debian community and software developer for Fairphone.

On April 3, 2017, @NGC_3572 tweeted:

"My then long time partner, Teemu Hukkanen, assaulted me on New Years. He is a @debian and @fairphone developer. Community be aware."

"I oppose any violence, I hope you do too. Even if they do good work. #womenintech #WeAreFairphone #debian"

"Both @debian and @debconf CoCs speak against violence"

On April 28, @NGC_3572 confirmed pressing criminal charges:

"Teemu Hukkanen, Debian and Fairphone dev, is now facing charges of aggravated assault. Violence against women is not ok, ever."
"There has been no genuine remorse for the injuries caused."

Community Responses[]

Incident has been investigated by several CoC teams.