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I feel this article is too one sided, and does not attempt to adress and situations where reverse racism fears can actually be legitimate, and where "reverse sexism" often refers to sexism by ones who are typically precieved as the primary victims of sexists or who feel they are incapable of sexism becasue they define themselves as minorities. 04:14, June 2, 2015 (UTC)  

  • "Positive discrimination" is usually implemented as an all-pass filter which tends to attract the lazy and dumb over the driven and smart, making the minority appear incompetent when compared to the rest of the group, formed by people who had to fight and keep fighting harder and be more capable to achieve the same status. Supporters usually hold on to the thesis that equality is all in the numbers and once the minority stops being a minority things start to work out, although they fail to document any long term success case. The exact opposite (but equally bad) thing happens with regular discrimination: The minority is made of people much more capable than the rest of the group, otherwise they wouldn't be able to earn their place on it and the respect they deserve. In any case, neither of them achieves equality, because both of them are focused on strongly differentiating the already divided groups by not treating them equally or even populating them with a similar distribution of competence.

I pulled the above out of this page; it needs citations and rephrasing, and I don't quite have the energy for that right now. 

Azurelunatic (talk) 22:25, February 21, 2016 (UTC)