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Asia McGowan?

Does the killing of Asia McGowan belong here? She is believed to have been killed by a mentally disturbed man who had seen her YouTube videos (and possibly knew her in person) and had a history of leaving rants about women and other groups. It's not clear to me that Asia identified as a geek woman. Info: [1] [2] Thayvian 06:04, 27 June 2009 (UTC)

Seems that they were personally acquainted, the main connection to YouTube is that others were concerned about his comments there. [3] Thayvian 06:06, 27 June 2009 (UTC)
I'd vote not really on topic for GFW if she's not geeky -- and putting videos on youtube doesn't strike me as geeky in and of itself. My approach so far wrt web2.0 and internet stuff in general has been focus on geeky women in the individual cases, though sometimes to generalise more broadly wrt female internet users. Eg. "Kathy Sierra, a tech blogger, was harrassed" (specific and geeky) but "women are often told not to give their real names or identifying information online" (not so geeky, but generalised). Does that make sense, do you think? --Skud 06:34, 27 June 2009 (UTC).

A few incidents that inspired me to add an Attempted Murder entry:

  • A dive operator in South Korea becoming inexplicably angry after a diving trip is cancelled for safety reasons, like not wanting to board a plane too soon after a dive.  (And being the professional, he should have understood why.)
  • A regulator flooding with water during the buddy-breath portion of a dive test in Thailand.  It continues flooding even after three purges.  I was moderately deep at this point, and being that deep should be unnecessary for that portion of the test.  The explanation is that I tried to inhale air when the regulator was upside-down, but after some research years later, I discover that this really should not happen.  I survived because while I panicked at first and began swimming up to the surface, I remembered just in time to slow my ascent.
  • Feeling dizzy and lethargic soon after this incident, I phoned the dive organizer in order to ask if I needed a visit to the hyperbaric chamber.  He told me not to worry and that it is probably not worth going to the hospital over.
  • A dive instructor offered me a herbal pill to combat sea sickness on a boat dive.  I asked him if it would make me drowsy, and he insisted that it would not.  It actually made me feel extremely uncoordinated and drowsy, so I aborted my advanced dive test.  Having no reason to feel suspicious at the time, I waited until the effects wore off before I could descend more safely.
  • A diving guide in Malaysia attempted to rush my descent by grabbing onto my gear and dragging me down.  This is really not a safe thing to do because a diver must first equalize the pressure in the sinuses and inner ears.  I aborted the dive and returned to the boat.  Later when I confronted him about it, he insisted that he was just trying to hold me in place.  Still, the diver alone should control her own depth levels.
  • Other people trying to convince me to go diving with them even after I insisted that I was still healing from barotrauma.  Safety concerns consistently being ignored.

Smilebit (talk) 04:31, December 2, 2012 (UTC)

By geek men against non-geek women?

This topic bothers me, somehow. Maybe the lack of a topic saying non-geek men against geek women. i can't articulate it very well, but the topi just doesn't seem thought out, to me.