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222222I remember those, including that they had a Red Hat logo that was changed to the Debian swirl. The company was almost certainly LinuxCare. Probably were encouraged by the Palm Pilot ads with naked women in 1999. (,-parody/2100-1040_3-223934.html) My guess would be that they were at the 1999 LinuxWorld in San jose (the first one I think). 20:15, December 1, 2010 (UTC)

I *think* this brouhaha happened at the Raleigh convention semi-hosted by Red Hat in 1999 in August,  entitled Linux Expo, with the ad being titled "Simply Supported" with a moderately suggestive image of a woman.  At the time I didn't even understand the joke/concept, other than thinking it was somewhat inappropriate.  In any event, that advert was present at that show and was discussed. Its easy to believe, however, that this advertisement persisted over a few tradeshows sequentially.  I wasn't involved enough in the Linux commercial world at the earlier date of the San Jose LinuxWorld event to have been aware of the advertisement. -- Joshua Rodman -