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I think that in order to present a more balanced coverage of the issue the page should mention the fact that the accusations were made only after Assange became a public figure.

It may also be beneficial to clarify that the skepticism on the allegations is due to the possibility that they are nothing more than a "tactical" tool to drag Assange in a long legal battle, effectively silencing him and restricting his personal freedom.

Allegations, not truth

So what if the claims were entirely fabricated? This section seems to assume that they were, in some form, accurate. What spectators around the world have noted is that this may be simply false.

Fictional information does not help in alleviating this problem AT ALL. As far as I know, the allegations have not been verified as accurate as of yet (and even if they are, it could indeed be entirely political factors at play). Spectators are not (always) downplaying the importance of this issue for women and specifically for the women involved, they simply note that the motives for the case may be entirely different. I would personally hate to see issues of gender equality being used in a totally unrelated manner to prevent free (as in freedom) speech - wouldn't you?