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could possibly expand this page with content from Derailing For Dummies, but without the snark/facetious tone Cofiem (talk) 01:02, February 14, 2015 (UTC)

I wouldn't use derailing for dummies as as guide to arguing or conducting any kind of discussion. It's rather silly to accuse one side of derailment when the other side is using personal experience that cannot be confirmed (ancedotal evidence) to provide proof they are correct. If someone has a good enough argument that employs both logic and ethics they shouldn't need to rely on ancedots to shield themselves in an honest debate. They are being shielded because the opposition is pretty much forced to dismiss their experiences if they want to continue the discussion. Nobody likes dissmissing the sufferings of others its not a pleasant thing to do and nobody likes having their experiences dismissed. Derailing for dummies wants to shame those they disagree with for dismissing the experiences of someone but in reality its a natural response. It's common sense that people don't have their opinions change over night let alone after the instant where someone talks about their experiences and expects the other side, who may be very passionate about their beliefs, to immediatly admit they are wrong about everything. This literally forces the other side to either admit defeat (seriously?) or "derail". I find it horrific that the website even calls out people who attempt to change the conversation or gently state that the "experienced" one might not be correct. They might even be correct in pointing out someone is making their argument based on emotion rather than logic. This site is rewarding ad hominen attacks and ancedotal evidence (logical fallacies) and dismissing any responses to them. These are dishonest tactics. Period. The truth is that those who rely on such arguments to force submission are the ones who are really derailing any sort of logical discussion. Feminists should not rely on fallacies to change the minds of people. 05:20, May 20, 2015 (UTC)Derp