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On the section "legal issues" - I work at a large company which sponsors a smaller community project which runs events. When we considered having an anti-harassment policy for these events, the legal department of the large company gave us Official Legal Advice - that is, not random crazy-person internet comments - that having an anti-harassment policy implies that we will enforce it: we become the 'responsible party', which implies a whole ton more legal liability. We're expected to be able to register offenders and prevent them attending future events and some other things.

Does GF have any experience with legal concerns which aren't just some crazy non-lawyer person Being Wrong On The Internet, but actual concerns from a grown-up legal department? Is it a case of 'well yes, there's some added legal liability but the benefit of having a proper policy should be seen to be greater than the added burden of legal responsibility implied by the policy', or do you have differing Real Lawyer advice that there is no added responsibility?

Ken White (aka Popehat) presented a session on sexual harassment laws and anti-harassment policies that addresses these concerns quite nicely. Just trying to find a good way to work it into the body of the article. ^_^; RickScott (talk) 14:24, February 9, 2014 (UTC)

Suggested rename

May I suggest that we rename this page to "Anti-harassment policy" and redirect the current title to that to prevent broken links? It's common wiki practice (maybe not formulated clearly here, but eg. on wikipedia) to use singular nouns for pages, because it makes them easier to refer to in wikitext.

For instance, compare:

  • JSConf has an [[anti-harassment policy]]
  • JSConf has an [[Anti-harassment policy resources|anti-harassment policy]]

This came up today as I was editing Feminist reviews of tech companies, so it's not just an abstract idea, but would actually be useful to editors.

--Skud (talk) 11:59, February 9, 2014 (UTC)