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Since version 0.8.1 the open source game Supertuxkart features Sara, a human character who is the mascot of Open Game Art. The character has an animation that upskirts her and reveals her underwear.

In a march 2014 conference (last video) one of the speakers told that she was involved in the character creation. Unfortunately there is no complete transcript of the video in English.

She told that she was asked by the STK team artist to give advice in order to make a character that have realistic proportions and would be better than most female characters in pop culture. She agreed and was presented some early concept arts with the character wearing a skirt and leggings that she found agreeable, although she was surprised by the use of a skirt in the design. This was justified with that the STK team wanted a princess-type character close to Princess Peach in Mario Kart series. However she apparently wasn't presented with any others concept art until the final one, and according to her over time the team artist was asking her "more and more questions but listening less and less to the answers".

The final model doesn't have leggings, but panties, and an animation upskirting the character was added. The speaker strongly disagreed with the final model but she was opposed with classic anti-feminist arguments:

The speaker also mentions a topic on the forum where a heated debate took place. This topic was however deleted. She also points out that in recent Mario Kart instalment Princess Peach's design doesn't even have a skirt anymore.

In a later response the STK team indirectly answered[1] by telling that the character was "designed by women" which is moot given the aforementionned speak. This statement doesn't tell that women not agreeing with the character were removed from the design process.

In another semi official answer the team tells that the animation is "so hard to see that in fact you would really have to open the model itself to view them". As with the libuv incident the energy puts to refuse a modification contradicts the importance argument.