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Stonehenge Consulting is a Perl consulting/training company owned by Randal Schwartz. Members of the Stonehenge team have authored several books on Perl.

Sexist Incidents

They have utilized booth babes and other female entertainers at Stonehenge OSCON parties. Schwartz has been fairly unapologetic about his blatantly sexist marketing using the rationale that those who are offended are in the minority and that he would lose too much profit if he worried about their feelings.[1]

After a heated debate, Schwartz offered this admission of error an apology in the same thread: [2]

"I'm a marketing dinosaur. I've been doing trade shows for thirty years. It's become painfully obvious to me that the times have changed, and I haven't. My actions are out of sync with the current climate, and to those who I have clearly offended, I'm sorry. That wasn't my intention. I'm taking everything here to heart, even if I was initially defensive.

So yes, I *am* listening."