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This page is a sample statement of purpose which can be adapted by geek women-focused communities that do not allow male participants. See Statement of purpose for more information about what use a statement of purpose might have.

This statement of purpose can be used to explain how and why your group restrict membership to women only.

Sample statement of purpose

Our group, COMMUNITY, is a women's group, and our goals include:

  • allowing women in the community to meet each other
  • supporting the participation of women in LARGER COMMUNITY
  • welcoming new women participants and promoting this as a place where women will want to spend time
  • discussing and addressing issues that are hindering women's participation and enjoyment

We welcome women who are interested in furthering our goals above. While we understand that many men share the above goals we do not allow men to participate in COMMUNITY itself.

Behaviour of participants

Participants in COMMUNITY are expected to be:

  • in sympathy with its goals and willing to advance them
  • respectful of other members

Behaviour that repeatedly disrupts our spaces, or hinders our goals, may result in warnings and bans. Excessive hostility or trolling from newcomers will result in an immediate ban.

Additional rules of thumb include:

  • while you may not completely agree with someone now asking for help, this is not necessarily the time to raise your concerns.

Restriction on male participants

Participation in COMMUNITY's forums is limited to women. (If your gender identity is different from either "I am a woman" or "I am a man", we do ask that you consider the answer to "do I think of myself as a woman?" before joining.) We know that many men share our above goals, but we have elected to create a women-only community in order to have a place for women where men's concerns about our activities and goals, and any of our participants' concerns about how men see us, are not a factor. Thank you for your support.


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