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These statements of purpose are designed to be used by geek women groups to explain their purpose to members and non-members. They are designed to be taken and adapted by individual groups for their own purposes.


Geek women communities focused on promoting, supporting and defending women's participation in geek circles and geek activities often find that their purpose is subverted in various ways, from deliberate anti-feminist trolls and attacks to shifts in the group's activities from the original role to being, for example, a place for geek men to solicit relationships or seek emotional support from the women members.

A statement of purpose for the group can help with creating a community to fufill your goals by clearly stating them from the outset. It is much harder to re-purpose a community after it already has members who are, for example, both friends with the community and soliciting emotional support and relationship!

Sample statements of purpose[]

Please remember that these statements of purpose are samples only: not requirements on your group. We strongly encourage you to adapt them for your own needs.