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At Web 2.0 Expo in 2007, there was a talk about (a search engine) in which the presenter, Jay Bhatti, asked if the audience would rather search for a Victoria's Secret lingerie model, or a swimsuit model?


"Thanks to Jay Bhatti, introducing Spock at Web 2.0 Expo, for answering this question during his launchpad demo. Of course: men are techy foo camper blogger web 2 speakers who win trophies and occasionally get arrested for drunk driving. Women, on the other hand, are Sports Illustrated models or are Victoria's Secret models. Thanks, Jay!"
""When Jay tried to convince me to leave Microsoft to join Spock, he said Spock had much better-looking women than Microsoft. Only when I joined, I realized Spock had not hired any women at that time."
"I was working at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco yesterday and heard from MANY women who visited the Women 2.0 booth that had offended them personally, I asked a guy about it. He then reminded me that was giving Women 2.0 a sponsorship for our upcoming event and gave me a look as he left that basically said "shove it"."
"Meanwhile, in a galaxy far far away, across the Expo hall, someone from this company was asking the audience for its demo, "should we search in our social software for swimsuit issue models, or victoria's secret?" Apparently a segment of the audience indicated its preference for lingerie soft porn over bathing suit soft porn. Some women walked out. Maybe some men did too - I hope so. The subtext is not subtle to me. Who did the speakers think they were talking to?"