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This page lists titles that are currently protected from creation. For a list of existing pages that are protected, see Protected pages.

Protected titles
  • Females and Why They Are So Entitled‏‎ (fully protected)
  • /r - gaming‏‎ (semi protected)
  • Ding dong bannu‏‎ (semi protected)
  • Why Feminists are Retards‏‎ (semi protected)
  • OLD MEN‏‎ (semi protected)
  • C+=‏‎ (fully protected)
  • Progrider‏‎ (semi protected)
  • Adolf Hitler‏‎ (fully protected)
  • User:‏‎ (semi protected)
  • Twitch Plays Pokemon death threats and hate speech discussion (TPP chat messing around)‏‎ (fully protected)
  • Talk:FSF employee fired for being trans‏‎ (semi protected)