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On Friday, June 11, 2010 at Southeast LinuxFest near the end of the party, a man made uninvited sexual remarks to one of the women in attendance. He then tried to force her hand into his crotch. When she hurried off to tell one of the organizers, he approached a different woman from behind, put his arms around her, and attempted to force a kiss on her without permission.

Bystanders were not aware of the first incident at the time but reacted with demands that he leave immediately and go to bed upon the second incident's occurrence. He left when the second woman went to bed, following her until she reached an area with more people before finally leaving.

When one organizer found out about what happened to the first woman, he approached the guy and informed him that any further misbehavior would see him ejected from the conference. When another found out both about the sexual remarks and about the attempted forced kiss, he declared alcohol privileges be revoked. It took until Sunday for all of the organizers to learn the full story of what happened Friday night