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On May 2, 2011 at the JSConf JavaScript conference in Portland, a lunchtime presentation featured jokes at the expense of women in technology and of "transvestite hipsters in downtown Portland". Dave Herman recounts details in a blog post.

On Twitter, attendees commented

  • "Women jokes at #jsconf. Ummmm.... #notinclusive" -- @JennLukas
  • "Awkwardly, while trying to respect women in technology, there is subconscious bias still being revealed." -- @arkitrave
  • "Women in technology jokes...really? Calling innocent people out? This is embarrassing." -- @gvn

To clarify, the lunchtime entertainment was intended to be over two days. After the jokes which were not planned, scripted, encouraged, or verified by conference organizers were made, the individuals were promptly pulled from stage and were not allowed to return to the stage. They were spoken to in private and it was made abundantly clear by organizers and attendees that it was in poor-taste and improper. The second day "entertainment" was cancelled entirely.