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Academic research, studies, commentary[]

  • Women Are Disappearing From Venture Capital - Karen E. Klein for Businessweek, citing this research.
    • "The vast majority of U.S. venture capital investments go to companies led exclusively by men."
    • "Only 15 percent of nearly 7,000 VC-backed companies analyzed had a woman executive."
    • "The total proportion of women VC partners has dropped to 6 percent, from 10 percent in 1999."
    • "Women getting VC funding [in 1999] amounted to only 5 percent of the total, compared to 15 percent today."
    • "The continued gender gap in investment is especially puzzling in light of multiple studies released in recent years that have shown that companies with women in senior positions are more likely to succeed than those that are all-male."
  • Amity Shlaes, a libertarian author and commentator, wrote an op-ed titled Women Win in Venture Capital When They Don’t Sue, which serves to remind us that not all geek women are feminists  and of accusations of harming the community as a silencing tactic.