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The Second shift is a term used to describe the workload women have over and above what men have. It originates from Arlie Hochschild's book of the same name (see: Double burden on Wikipedia).

In mainstream society, women's second shift mostly consists of Childcare and domestic labour.

Effects on geek participation[]

The second shift can make it hard for women to participate in geek communities, due to lack of time or flexibility, or difficulty in travel.

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Additional workload on geek women[]

In geek society, the second shift can also include time spent:

  • proving technical competence (when men do not need to)
  • dealing with harassment
  • responding to requests for comment on women-in-tech issues
  • giving Unicorn talks
  • Volunteering on projects to provide a female/feminist contribution
  • Mentoring and supporting other women
  • Identifying structural inequalities and being pressured to "teach" her way over obstacles when it shouldn't be her job

Sometimes this is referred to as a third shift.

This takes up a considerable amount of many geek women's time.