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The RubyFringe Conference (held 18-20 July 2008 in Toronto) described themselves as "an avant-garde conference for developers that are excited about emerging technologies outside of the Ruby on Rails monoculture. We're sick of the sold-out and over-sold labradoodle shows that are now staged with alarming frequency. In response, we're mounting a unique and eccentric gathering of the people and projects that are driving things forward in our community."

Their home page (then at advertised that they were offering "Girlfriend Daycare":

Have a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend tagging along to Toronto? We're running a 'girlfriend daycare' to help evade the boredom that is often spawned from being the less-nerdy travel companion.

Because, y'know, girlfriends are children who need to be taken care of, not adults who can be allowed out on their own in a strange city!


Note: The objectionable wording was later removed (within a week?) after Desi McAdam contacted the conference organizers, quoting several comments from the DevChix mailing list.