Geek Feminism Wiki


This page of resources are for women in geek communities, to help us get emotional support and avoid burnout. Obviously the whole wiki is a resource, and there are links to resources on particular topics, but this is more about how to be a Geek Feminist without wearing yourself out.

Dealing with ignorance and stupidity

Emotional support

  • Join a mailing list, IRC channel, or other forum where you can talk to other women and express your frustration
  • Step away from the computer. Go outside, get some fresh air, exercise, a meal, or a stiff drink.
  • If you need to, take a break from the community that's frustrating you. Gafiate.
  • Find a supportive community in a completely different field, whether it's family, a hobby, a church group, or whatever. Surround yourself, at least some of the time, with people who don't stress you out.

Staying safe

If you are the target of Online harassment or threats of Physical violence, take steps to protect yourself, up to and including reporting the incident to law enforcement.