Reporting/blogging/social media policy

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This is a sample policy for reporting/blogging/social media for a conference that wants to encourage frank and honest discussion, especially from women.

(conference) attendees need the freedom to say controversial things without worrying about their statements becoming public without their permission. To that end, (we did not invite any outside press or reporters, and) no one is allowed to publicly attribute your comments to you unless you give them express permission.

We do want to spread the word about what happened at (conference), so that everyone can benefit and to make future conferences more successful. We strongly encourage writing about or telling people about (conference) sessions on blogs, social media, news stories, and other media as long as posters follow these rules:

  • No attribution without permission: You can write about what people said but not who said it unless you have explicit permission from the speaker(s).
  • Each session can decide to adopt different rules (e.g., always public, or always private) as long as it informs all participants who join the session.
  • Please do not "live tweet" sessions excessively - it can make people feel like they are speaking in public, and it distracts other people.
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