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Randal Schwartz is a Perl developer, author, and personality.

Schwartz often comes up in discussions of sexism in open source because of his open enthusiasm for Hooters restaurants, which he mentions frequently in professional contexts.

Hooters Wings Promotion at LISA 2001[]

In 2001, Randal's company, Stonehenge Consulting, ran a Hooters Wings Promotion at LISA, a sysadmin conference (an example of booth babes).

"Stonehenge ran a Hooters Wings promotion at the booth at LISA 2001. We gave away 1000 wings in about 45 minutes, with the aid of two Hooters girls Sarah and Lacey."

In July 2009, he took this page down in response to criticism. The page is not archived at the wayback machine.


Also in 2001, Schwartz wrote an article for WebTechniques magazine about how to make a "hot or not" style voting system in Perl. Originally, his article referred to Hooters, and he had an implementation called "amihooternot" on his website. The original article, with Hooters references is still available on his website

"This is the column as I originally wrote it. But the magazine editors didn't like the reference to Hooters or the "Am I Hot or Not?" site, so I had to quickly rewrite it as the deadline loomed."

OSCON Stonehenge parties[]

At OSCON, Randal's company, Stonehenge Consulting, has held parties at which there are women paid to "entertain" the (presumably male) guests. See Stonehenge OSCON parties for more details.

Linux Fund parties[]

As of 2009, Randal became a director of Linux Fund. An announcement on the Linux Fund web site regarding the temporary move of OSCON to San Jose says "Linux Fund board member and legendary party planner Randal Schwartz will ensure that the long standing tradition of memorable OSCON parties is maintained at the conference's new location."

Details of the LinuxFund/Stonehenge party held at OSCON in 2009 can be found at Stonehenge OSCON parties.