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While you're not going to be able to convince everyone, quantitative studies showing gender, racial, and other biases in STEM fields can be a powerful tool in discussions about making STEM more inclusive. Here are some examples.

  • Weisshaar, Katherine . “Measuring the Glass Ceiling Effect: An Assessment of Discrimination in Academia.” 2014. Article covering the study . "Not only are men more likely than women to earn tenure, but in computer science and sociology, they are significantly more likely to earn tenure than are women who have the same research productivity."
  • Riach, P. A. and Rich, J. "Field Experiments of Discrimination in the Market Place." The Economic Journal, 2002. Article covering the study. "Significant, persistent and pervasive levels of discrimination have been found against non-whites and women in labour, housing and product markets."

Some individuals try to defend a lack of diversity in work environments. Quantitative studies can be useful to prove the work benefits of diverse teams and companies.

  • Ellison, S. and Mullin, W. "Diversity, Social Goods Provision, and Performance in the Firm." Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 2014. Article covering the study. "...going from an office that is either all male or all female to an office split equally between the sexes would be associated with a revenue gain of 41%"