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The diversity mailing list in the Python programming language community is a mailing list founded by Aahz in July 2009. The initial purpose of the list is to draft a diversity statement similar to that of the Dreamwidth community, stating that the Python community welcomes diverse contributers and users, and is against discrimination. Discussion on the list is ongoing.


List culture[]

  • The mailing list is archived, but only allows members to read the archives. This makes it difficult to link to discussions on the list, as non-members will not be able to read them.
  • The list has had difficulty navigating between diversity and trolling, with some members who are accused of trolling claiming that they are merely expressing diverse opinions.
  • A number of diversity activists who were on the list have since left it, for various reasons which may include high traffic, antagonistic discussions, trolls, disagreement with process, etc.


Criticism/discussion of mailing list dynamics[]


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