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In February 2011, a discussion was started on the Linux-Australia listserv about the group's recent $5,000 donation to the Ada Initiative.

Jon Jeremy asked for evidence of sexism and discrimination against women in IT.

Elspeth Thorne responded with some of her own experiences with sexism in the industry:

"...Perhaps almost every IT work environment I have been in has been abnormal
in its cultural rejection of women. Perhaps throughout my life when I was
encouraged to take up another course of expertise, and quite actively
discouraged to pursue IT, my experience was unique.

On the other hand, perhaps the abuse, harassment, discouragement and
difficulty I encountered - explicitly and openly based on my gender -
is not unique, and is, in fact, quite common if you happen to present
as female."

David Newell responded that since he's never noticed any sexist behavior in IT, Thorne's experiences must be unique to her:

"How odd.  I've been in the industry for more than 30 years and never seen
or heard of such things[...] That [Thorne's experiences are unique] sounds
plausible. It fits with what I've heared face-to-face."

He later apologized.

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