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In July 2008 Nicu Buculei published a blog entry titled Mixed stuff: fonts, photos, games, anniversaries containing a low quality photo of a white skinned woman's bare legs and lower torso. The section of the entry was titled "Upskirt" and the text was

The photo is not that great, being made with my 2.5 years old phone (I didn't had the guts to reach my backpack and take out the SLR with really big lenses), but think it was taken wile standing and with the phone at the height where you are normally using it for writing text (and imagine what could I do with just a bit of effort).

This entry was syndicated to Planet Fedora, a central website aggregating weblog entries by participants in the development of Fedora (the Linux distribution).


  • Blogger Lauredhel of Hoyden About Town collated community responses at Women’s bodies - pwned public space, observing that "To the credit of the Planet Fedora community, many of the readers didn’t tolerate it either, though some of their arguments centre as much around how it makes the Linux community “look bad” as around the fact that it was wrong in the first place... [but] the usual victim-blamers and frea speachers and no-YOU’RE-the-pervert!ers join[ed] the party"
  • Matthew Garrett's Community Hate Time talk at LUGRadio Live referenced this incident:
If you’re on a bus, and, ah, say, you happen to find sitting opposite you on the bus is an attractive woman wearing a reasonably short skirt, with her legs arranged in such a way that you could perhaps, if you tried hard enough, see somewhat up that skirt: the correct thing to do is - uh, I’m not actually sure what the completely correct thing to do here is. One thing that you should not do is take a picture of that with your cameraphone, and post it to Planet Fedora, along with a brief statement saying, “Oh, this was just with my cameraphone. Uh, the things I could have done with a bit more time and a proper camera, uh, but I didn’t want to get my camera out in case I scared her.” [Transcription thanks to Hoyden About Town]

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