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In July 2009, Linux company Phoronix released something called "Foodstruments" and publicised it with a sexist ad on their blog:

It read, in part:

If your wife has been upset with how much time you spend on our forums, that you subscribe to Phoronix Premium, or that you always occupy her computer by running the Phoronix Test Suite on it, fear no more! Just send her over to the newest web property that's managed by Phoronix Media, Foodstruments.

Because of course all Linux users are men, and their wives do the cooking. It also added:

No worries, however, as we will not be mixing computer hardware and cooking reviews; a completely different set of writers is involved.

Wouldn't want to get those icky girl germs on the manly Linux.


"Michael Larabel was essentially accused of being a sexist, and wrongfully so."