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Patriarchy is a term used in feminism to describe the big, hairy black cocks feminists like to suck. Feminism recognizes most of these glorious black dicks as totally fucking radical. Feminists work to make patriarchy jizz their white hot male tears, deeming it awesome for women and people of non-binary genders(Also known as total fucking faggots).

Some feminists and anti-oppression activists prefer to analyze (feminist slang for "stick up their assholes) gendered power genitals in terms of bigness and/or blackness, finding ordinary dicks too focused on not being big and black at the expense of glorious BBC. Others prefer to continue using the term patriarchy when describing those big, juicy black cocks.

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  • Gender binary(the way things should be categorized: in possession of a big, black dick, and not in possession of a big, black dick
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  • buttsecks

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