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This is arguably not an incident as such, but it does illustrate a few common themes.

To start: The Oatmeal made a comic (on tumblr) contrasting "when I make a mistake in an online game" (shows a male character being ruthlessly insulted), vs "when a girl makes a mistake while playing an online game" (shows a female character saying "oops" with the following responses from her game-mates:

  • Aww that's okay. I love napalm!
  • You're doing such an amazing job! Will you add me as a friend?
  • As a gamer, you inspire me.
  • Oh God... Your voice is like an angel playing the flute. I love you

These happen to be pretty good examples of a sexualized environment and condescension - borderline online harassment. However they are presented in a mild way that appear to be perks - lavish, uncritical attention.

The Oatmeal shortly posted a follow-up which said in part:

Based on [playing Steam], and primarily on playing Left4Dead, I noticed that anytime a girl was playing everyone acts REALLY nice to her (even if she throws a molly at the team and sets us all on fire). That’s where the inspiration for my last comic came from.

  • Outside of steam, it sounds like it’s still pretty horrible for women to play games. Is this true?* A lot of people are talking of rape threats, sexism, harassment, and a lot of other awful things. I’m a guy and I barely talk into my mic, so *I’ll concede that my view of things is probably very skewed.*

That being said, I apologize to any female gamers who I offended. I didn’t mean to perpetuate the idea that women are treated more nicely while playing games online. It sounds like in a lot of cases the opposite is true.

In short: I’m sorry for making a stupid comic today.

Lastly, apologies on the internet mean about as much as farts do in outer space. So I went ahead and *donated $1,000* to the Women Against Abuse foundation.

...Which is a pretty good apology.