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In April 2010,, a Drupal consultancy, released a card game based on Drupal. They promoted it at DrupalCon in San Francisco with an advertisement that read:

A perfect game for geeks to connect to non-geeks

This slogan was written on an arrow connecting two images: one of a man in a green tshirt, flexing his bicep, and the other of a woman in a pink bikini, holding a riding crop(?).

Liz Henry posted on the Geek Feminism blog asking, "Which one of these people is the non-geek?" Presumably those viewing the advertisement were meant to see themselves as the tshirt-attired male geek, and the woman as the non-geek.'s game is an example of a Sexualized environment in that it showed a woman in a skimpy clothing and holding a prop with sexual connotations as part of the advertising used at a tech conference, as well as Othering.