Geek Feminism Wiki

Feminist speech can be reduced or limited by discouraging the use of privilege checklists, or more concisely, by saying, "No lists."  A concern troll or even someone attempting to become an ally and going about it in a flawed way may do this, suggesting that a far simpler solution can be found based on intent and communication.

There is a jaded view of long lists as unnecessary, rules too constraining.  And the longer the list, the more contrary to what geek culture is supposed to be about - free and open with ideas without the dinosaur of bureaucracy or "political correctness" getting in the way.  There is little acknowledgement that geek spaces have their own set of rules, many of them very constricting to women.

This may occur in situations where sexism or privilege are called out and an idea is introduced to make the environment a safer space for women.  An effort is started, but not a very meaningful one.