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Misandry is the hatred or dislike of men. It is the linguistic equivalent of Misogyny. In cultural sense, misogyny and misandry cannot be considered equivalent, because misogyny is enabled by and structurally entrenched in our modern Western world society, whereas misandry deviates from the norm. Ergo, the usage of the term "misandry" often constructs a false equivalence between the systematic oppression of women and some individuals' dislike of men.

Misandry may more specifically refer to the hatred of traditional male roles, machismo, or male-chauvinism. Such a label may be problematic as it can be exclusive to men who may not fit into these descriptions such as allies or those that are male identified.

Accusations of misandry are often used as a silencing tactic to devalidate or derail feminist discussion (see You're the sexist) or in the straw-feminist caricature. It is also often wrongly associated with radical feminism.