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To be a featured article, the article should...

  • Be about a geek woman or group of geek women or organisation that supports geek women
  • Have a picture
  • Have at least a screenful of content (~500 words)
  • Have good wiki-style, including:
    • good page structure (sub-headings, etc)
    • links to other related wiki pages (ideally not too many red links)
    • inclusion in appropriate categories
  • Be up to date

Suggested feature articles[]

For a list of all proposed feature articles, see Category:Proposed feature article

Make a suggestion[]

Add {{subst:Nominate featured article}} to the top of an article to suggest it as a featured article. It will add the appropriate category automatically.

Featured article discussion[]

If you have questions about featured article policy (such as it is!) or want to propose a change to the way we do things, please comment at Talk:Meta:Featured articles.

Schedule of upcoming feature articles[]

At this stage, if you want a geek woman or a geek woman's organisation in the schedule, just fix it up (add a picture, make sure it's 3 or more paragraphs in length), add {{subst:Nominate featured article}} at the top of the article and stick it in here! Check Category:Proposed feature article for ideas.

If it's an event or similar, try for an appropriate date (ie having the featured article be on the front page before and during the event, or on the anniversary, or etc).

Featured articles will change over every 1-3 months. The following list contains the ones we think we might do fairly soon (with dates where relevant). If you have a suggestion that fits in with a particular date, such as an event or an anniversary, you can add it here with the relevant dates.

Making the changeover[]

  1. Edit the front page:
    1. remove the previous feature
    2. add the new one, including an excerpt from the article, a picture from the article, and a link to the article.
    3. update the links to the previous and next featured articles (you may need to JFDI and decide the next one if there's nothing in the schedule)
  2. Add {{subst:Record featured article}} to the top of the featured page article on the day of the switch (and remove the "Proposed" template if any).

Past featured articles[]

See  Category:Former featured articles for earlier featured articles.