Melbourne Python Workshops for Women and Friends

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Melbourne Python Workshops for Women and Friends are a proposed 1.5 day long free workshop modeled on the successful Boston Python Workshops, with the direct aim of increasing diversity within the Australian Python community.

This page will serve to help organise the event and to provide a proposal for perspective supporters and sponsors of the workshop.


At an initial meeting in July 2011, it was proposed that a date be chosen after pycon-au 2011 and before the end of year rush, so tentatively October or November 2011 (One week before an MPUG meetup).


Initially proposed by Pomke on the MPUG mailing list, organisers are now Brianna Laugher, Danielle Madeley, Rhydwyn Beta & Pomke.


Richard Jones has offered to investigate space at the RMIT Melbourne campus.


Format: Mostly as presented at the Boston Workshops, with some suggested changes:

  • Avoid discussion of classes in general given the audience may be new to programming all together.
  • Break up 2 hour talk into smaller talks interspersed with practical application.

Misc thoughts:

  • Adopt a Code of conduct.
  • Make it clear that trans women are welcome to the workshop.
  • Advertise for attendees: Our blogs, STEM departments at Victorian Universities, Geek girl dinners, Brianna's monthly radio segment on 3cr, pycon-au 2011.
  • Helpers to avoid being overly "helpful", ie: When an attendee has just worked out loops, avoid "AHA! you know you could do that with a list comprehension!"
  • Sponsorship to cover Saturday lunch and possible venue costs.
  • Discuss with MPUG having some beginner-friendly talks at their meetup proceeding the Workshop and how to be welcoming to potential new members.
  • Invite attendees to an informal dinner at a local venue after the workshop closes on Saturday evening.
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