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Mallory Chua (most widely known by her gender-neutral nickname "Mel") is a PhD student at Purdue University, specialising in Engineering Education.

Open source and education

Mel has worked on a number of open source projects, especially related to education, including:

  • One Laptop Per Child
  • Fedora
  • OpenHatch / Open Source Comes to Campus
  • POSSE (Professors' Open Source Summer Experience)[1]

She has also served as an advisor to the Ada Initiative since 2013.

Many of her talks/articles on open source are listed on her website and in her academic bibliography or on Google Scholar.

Gender neutral nickname

Mel wrote on her blog about the effects of her gender-neutral nickname, proclaiming that she is indeed a young woman.


Mel is deaf, and often writes about deafness, disability, and accessibility on her blog, eg:

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