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TRIGGER WARNING This article or section, or pages it links to, contains information about sexual assault and/or violence which may be triggering to survivors.

Marion Zimmer Bradley (1930–1999), often abbreviated to MZB, was an American fantasy fiction author. She was also an abuser of children and an enabler of her husband Walter Breen's abuse of children. Breen had been convicted of molestation in 1954 and abused children at speculative fiction conventions from 1962 onwards.

Trigger warning for accounts of child abuse and enabling. Stephen Goldin, stepfather of Breen's survivor Kenneth Smith, maintains web information about Breen's abuse and MZB's role in enabling it:

June 2014: Moira Greyland's survivor account[]

In June 2014, Deirdre Saoirse Moen reported that Leah Schnelbach had written a piece for about MZB on her birthday (June 3). Saoirse Moen asked: "Why do we give MZB more of a pass than we gave Ed Kramer?" [See: Ed Kramer and Dragon*Con]

Tor deleted the post by June 9. (An archive is available here: )

Trigger warning for direct accounts of child abuse. On June 10, Saoirse Moen published correspondence from and poetry by MZB's daughter Moira Greyland, recounting MZB's abuse of Greyland as a child.

On June 12, Saoirse Moen published a timeline of the June 2014 events apologising for her "childish gloat" over the original takedown. She also states that she had not read the Waters deposition until after the June 10 post.

July 2014: Mark Greyland's survivor account[]

In July 2014, Chris Starfire published an interview with MZB's son Mark Greyland in which he spoke about MZB's abuse, its aftermath and his mother's community's (including her feminist community's) role in it. Deirdre Saoirse Moen promoted some of Mark's art in promoting the interview.

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