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The Male Experience Trump Card is often used as a method to silence women. The focus of this tactic is that because a guy hasn't experienced what has been brought forward it simply doesn't exist or doesn't exist in the way that the oppressed person described it. It is used by trolls and concern trolls alike.

The Male Experience Trump Card relies on the fact that in a kyriarchical society, the experience of the (white, straight, cisgender, …) male is taken to be normative and seen as the objective measure of all things.

How trolls use it[]

Trolls tend to be more aggressive in their use of the Male Experience Trump Card. They will simply dismiss the incident as a one time thing or something that is simply not true, denying that it ever happened.


How concern trolls use it[]

Concern trolls tend to use it in a more passive, but just as dismissive, manner. It becomes a "I don't do this, but" or the "I understand X, but" type of comment.


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