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Mads Christensen MCs at Dell-hosted customer and partner summit[]

On the 17th April 2012, Dell-hosted a customer and partner summit in Copenhagen. They engaged a well-known public speaker and moderator Mads Christensen as the Master of Ceremonies for the event. Over the course of the day Christensen made a number of inappropriate and insensitive remarks about women in technology.

"There are almost no girls in this room, and I am happy."
“Men have invented everything worthwhile. All we can thank women for is the rolling pin.”
“You are the last bastion in IT, boys. Hiss it through your teeth. Shut your fucking face, bitch”

Christensen is apparently well known for making similar sexist remarks at other events, and much of the outrage included bewilderment that the Dell organizers hired him in the first place.



On April 22nd, The CEO of Dell Denmark, Nicolai Moresco, appeared in a Danish radio interview (translated and discussed here) hosted by the author of the blog post that started it all. At no point in the ten-minute interview does Moresco acknowledge the problem of hiring Mads Christensen, nor does he accept that the remarks by Christensen were blatantly misogynist.


On May 15th, Dell apologized: