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While a lot of good is being done in other areas of modding to improve games and add new features, sites like LoversLab will forever stain the reputation of the modding community.
This article unfortunately glosses over the unfortunate fact that LoversLab contains many Non-Adult mods, including clothing and armor mods that the Nexus does not carry, such as the Final Fantasy line of clothes, as well as many weapon and follower mods. The site might be catered to a more mature audience, but that does not mean it is a dark stain upon the modding community. Lover's PK was not even developed by the place; I suppose Target is now a center for obesity for selling you that spoon, and HEB/Ralphs/Your Local Grocery Store is at fault for selling you that cake. The misguided writing and the sheer ignorance, as well as lack of research, only serves to make this wiki look like a joke.
But why would you people listen to me? Am I a anti-female sack of excrement that goes to a website that promotes skyrim modding, a small portion that has to do with sex? I suddenly condone rape for joining a site that has multiple sex modes, of which a handful have to do with any sort of rape and the rest romance/overhauls/sex in general?
Since I see a distinct lack of the ability to comment and freely speak, I'll be asking for a comments section be put in at the bottom, or a thread started for a healthy discussion that is public and able for all, from LL goers to those who edit this wiki, to discuss and talk in a CIVILIZED setting. I will glady talk with you in a formal setting that isn't me having to edit this article to get your attention; I'd have prefered using the comments, but as there are none, I've had to go and do this. I'm coming to you to open a dialogue, instead of continuing the edit attacks done by others who disagree with your article and don't think you deserve a chance to talk, or just don't care.
So come on. I'm willing to talk. Because there's no need to be jerks about disliking and disagreeing with a website. The loss of a civil tongue and the lack of real research does not assist your outlook, views, and stance to many.
I'll be waiting.
-Xion136, A Gamer and LoversLab member operating under the name Seraphim's Call.
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