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This page lists Geek Feminism Wiki articles about arguments, excuses, and other rhetorics by theme and type.


It didn't/doesn't happen because

It's not sexist because

It might be sexist, but

It might be sexist, but it's okay because...

It might be sexist, but we won't address it because...


It might be sexist, but instead of complaining you should...

It might be sexist but you should shut up and accept it because...

Main entry for Shut up and deal with it

I/he/we/they can't help it, because

Main entry for Responsibility dodging's actually your fault, because...

Main entry for Victim blaming


Main entry for Derailment
  • Your argument is invalid because..

Ad hominem and tone arguments

Main entry for Tone argument

Women as a whole

Feminists as a whole

Male feminist allies as a whole