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Women who have been influential in computing or related areas through history, ordered in alphabetical order by surname.

  • Anita Borg (1949–2003) operating systems researcher, founder of Systers
  • Marie Curie (1867–1934) nuclear physicist, two-time Nobel laureate
  • Grace Hopper (1906–1992) mid-20th century mainframe programmer, creator of COBOL
  • Betty Jean Jennings ENIAC programmer
  • Ada Lovelace (1815–1852) 19th century mathematician
  • Emmy Noether (1882–1935) mathematician
  • Betty Snyder ENIAC programmer
  • Karen Spärck Jones (1935–2007) 20th century British computer scientist
  • Meredith Patterson
  • Audrey Tang
  • Lynn Conway
  • Nancy Lynch
  • Sally Floyd
  • Randi Lee Harper
  • Lê Duy Loan
  • Barbara Liskov
  • Maria Klawe
  • Jessica McKellar
  • Shanley Kane
  • Ashe Dryden
  • Adria Richards
  • Esther Lin
  • Sophia Viklund
  • Elizabeth Frost
  • Radia Perlman