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LambdaConf is a functional programming conference. In March 2016, the organizers of the conference announced that they would include neo-reactionary Curtis Yarvin on the program despite widespread protest.

Statement of opposition to Yarvin[]

In April 2016, a number of people in the functional programming community organized a public statement decrying the conference organizers' decision to include Yarvin. The original statement had 99 signers, which has since grown to 348 (as of December 20, 2016).

SJW list[]

Vox Day incited the creation of a wiki to organize personal information about signers of the statement and other perceived "social justice warriors." ( link to blog post) ( link to wiki). The probable purposes are proxy recruitment and doxxing.

Alchemy Communications[]

In response to a complaint to the ISP for, Alchemy Communications, an employee of Alchemy posted the complaint, including the complainant's full name, to the 8chan web site. Day proceeded to ( link to blog post) repost it on his blog. Alchemy's upstream provider is PNAP, also doing business as InterNAP.(whois information from

Alchemy Communications advertises themselves as offering "SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type 2 Audited Internet Data Centers" (from their home page), and a confidentiality breach such as an employee reposting personally identifying information to 8chan (or any other public Web site) is likely a violation of policies they advertise themselves as complying with.

Alchemy's home page states that "DreamHost owns a large equity stake in Alchemy Communications."

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